serrat machinery

Performance without compromise. 

quality without compromise

Serrat have concentrated on highly efficient manufacturing techniques and their state of the art factory (in Monzon), has benefitted from huge investment in the latest design, engineering, production and testing facilities. This has made the whole of the Serrat range of equipment highly competitive with regard to price, spare parts and service support without compromising on performance or quality.

Serrat have drawn on their past experience as contractors, to produce an impressive range of equipment that includes some innovative machinery


Serrat sell an attachment or machine for every application. 

Founded by three Serrat brothers, with extensive experience as contractors, Serrat set out to fill the gap in forestry and agriculture applications – between large scale mulching equipment and smaller specialist attachments.

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agricultural mulchers

Heavy-duty agricultural mulchers and robust agricultural mowers – for a variety demanding environments. Swinging-hammer, fixed-tool or DRR (depth reduction rotor) options on every model.

biomass mulchers

Biomass mulchers, with an innovative design, which allows material to be mulched and collected from the ground in one easy process.

excavator mulchers

A range of excavator muclher heads, to suit machines from 3.5 ton all the way up to 50 ton.

compact mulchers

A range of muchers suitable for mini-diggers and mini-loaders

stone crushers & leaf blowers

Low-hp stone lifters and crushers, as well as PTO leaf blowers.

forestry mulchers

A huge range of forestry mulchers to suit tractors, from 80 hp up to 360 hp. These can be equipped with heavy-duty swinging-hammers, DRR (depth reduction rotors), or fixed carbide teeth.

skid steer mulchers

Serrat skid steer mulchers can be fitted with carbide fixed teeth, DRR rotors or heavy-duty swinging hammers to suit every purpose.

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